We have 4 well known pallets in the market, which we will detail for you to choose the one that suits you best according to your budget and place of installation:
Of Brazilian BrazilianIt is the best known and most appreciated for its properties that make it unique in the world of tropical woods.
It is a species of a dark dark tonality and of a very high density, 1050 kg/m3 1050 kg/m3 so it does not float in water.
It is also very resistant to inclement weather stability is maximum and an excellent excellent fire resistance.
From West Africa, it is distinguished by the best quality/price ratio in the tropical decking sector.
It has a light brown color, a density of 650 kg/m3 and excellent stability.
It is especially used for boats and interior and exterior carpentry work.
Once installed, it can change its tone to a grayish color. To avoid this oxidation, it is strongly recommended to oil the iroko at least once a year.
It is possibly the most prestigious species most prestigious species in the world of tropical timber..
Initially exported from Burma, it is now produced from plantations in South America where it is abundant due to its rapid growth and controlled sustainability. controlled growth and sustainability..
Very light brown in color with contrasting black streaks that disappear on exposure to the sun, unifying colors to a golden tone. golden tone..
Its density is very similar to iroko, i.e. 650 kg/m3. In addition, the name "teak" has been generalized to several species, so it is important not to confuse should not be confused.
It is the most economical species aesthetically it is a wood with character due to its marked veins and visible knots. visible veins and knots..
Its density is about 530 kgxm3, which makes it a wood with considerable movement and rapid discoloration. In order to avoid these transformations, pine decking should be offered treated and cuperized..
Our synthetic outdoor decking, also called composite or technologicalis finished with high density polyethylene (HDPE), density of 1125 kg/m3 and wood fibers offering an absolute protection against water, mold, mildew, grape rays and insect larvae. absolute protection against water, mildew, grape rays and insect larvae. In addition, and unlike natural wood, itdoes not require maintenance.
Of honeycomb construction allows air to circulate through the holes so that the soil reduces its temperature due to solar action.
The boards come with one side smooth and the other side with anti-slip stripes so you can choose the one that best contrasts with the surface characteristics.
The composition of each piece is summarized as: 55% wood; 35% plastic; 10% additives.