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Adjustable floor supports

2,50 - 6,00 unit

Price in €/unit

VAT not included

Millimetric adjustment by simple manipulation of the intermediate (ROTATOR)

Height adjustment from 1 cm to 22 cm.

Recyclable material and totally valid for reuse.


Minimum quantity 60 pieces. For lower orders the price increases 2,00 €/unit.

Unevenness in BASE of 0% - 1% and 2%.

6 plots per m2 are required, although the number of pieces will depend on the resistance to be inflicted on the wood flooring.

The payment methods will appear at the end of the purchase and can be by:


A. Damaged Merchandise

If you notice that the goods are damaged, open them in front of the carrier and note it on the delivery slip. Then send an email with digital images and report it to within 24 hours of receipt.

B. Damaged product

If the packaging is not damaged but the product has been damaged or broken during shipment, please notify us via email within the next day (24 h) from receipt to We will respond to your incident as soon as possible to your complete satisfaction.

C. Technical defects

If you notice any defects in the order, such as:
- Incomplete order.
- Incorrect size.
Please send an e-mail to along with the attached digital photographs for return processing.

D. Not considered a defect

In no case are changes in the tone of the wood or the logical cracks that occur after drying considered a defect in the product. These small cracks never go beyond the total thickness of the log and therefore do not affect the structural strength of the house. Likewise, the resin, knots, sapwood and dead moth hole that comes out of the wood is natural, so it is not considered a product defect. The warranty does not apply either if the customer or a third party has made modifications, repairs or manipulations to the products supplied.


Floor supports or plots are supports that regulate heights.

This is achieved by simply manipulating the intermediate piece (SPINNER), which makes it possible to obtain the desired heights, even when the base frame and the upper support are fixed.

This option greatly facilitates the assembly (both in speed and in perfection and effort) since it allows to level the slabs 'flush' with the floor without having to lift the slabs.

Chemical characteristics of raised technical flooring:

  • Resistant to aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, acids and alkalis.
  • Resistant to most organic solvents such as alcohol, esters and ketones.
  • Resistant to commercial detergent solutions and bleaches.
  • Resistant to microorganisms because it is not a breeding ground for them.
  • Not resistant to oxidizing substances such as nitric or sulfuric acid and halogenated hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Compressive breaking strength: 750 kg.
  • Thermal stability: -25º to +110ºC.
  • It is resistant to aging, weathering and rot-proof.
  • High dimensional stability due to its high mineral content.


For higher heights or higher resistances, please consult us.

We have models and systems capable of tripling the standard resistances indicated in the catalogs.



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