Stair Treads Iroko Full Strip Stair Treads

114,84 - 168,30 unit

Prices in €/unit

VAT not included

Stripboard in 10 cm continuous full plank with D4 glue for interior and exterior use.

Density 650 kg/m3.

Iroko sheets, notched and glued to shape to standard panel dimensions

In order to preserve the color of the wood and to minimize wear and tear due to the effects of weather and the passage of time, it is advisable to apply teak oil once a year.

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A. Damaged Merchandise

If you notice that the goods are damaged, open them in front of the carrier and note it on the delivery slip. Then send an email with digital images and report it to within 24 hours of receipt.

B. Damaged product

If the packaging is not damaged but the product has been damaged or broken during shipment, please notify us via email within the next day (24 h) from receipt to We will respond to your incident as soon as possible to your complete satisfaction.

C. Technical defects

If you notice any defects in the order, such as:
- Incomplete order.
- Incorrect size.
Please send an e-mail to along with the attached digital photographs for return processing.

D. Not considered a defect

In no case are changes in the tone of the wood or the logical cracks that occur after drying considered a defect in the product. These small cracks never go beyond the total thickness of the log and therefore do not affect the structural strength of the house. Likewise, the resin, knots, sapwood and dead moth hole that comes out of the wood is natural, so it is not considered a product defect. The warranty does not apply either if the customer or a third party has made modifications, repairs or manipulations to the products supplied.


Iroko wood is one of the best known tropical woods on the market and is currently used mainly for the manufacture of outdoor constructions.

It is extremely resistant to fungi and persistent to termites. The finish of iroko wood is excellent and its surface is very smooth and pleasant to the touch. Likewise, there are no problems with gluing, nailing and screwing.

It should be noted that the color of iroko wood changes due to light exposure, however a simple application of teak oil is sufficient to restore its natural color.

We manufacture and import the best quality wood at the most competitive market price.

It is ideal for the construction of:

  • Countertops
  • Wooden structures
  • Stairs
  • Doors
  • Covers
  • Decor


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